Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lucie's 4 Month Photos

Happy 4 Months, Lucie!

This is a big month for you! You are still a big, happy baby! You weigh 17 lbs 12.7 oz and are 27 inches long (WOW!).  You have also started teething...sad for you and for me...what happened to my little girl?! Stop growing!
Here is what you look like at 4 months...  
"Sophie the Giraffe" is your favorite toy...it is a "teether"...and you chew on it and drool all over the place.

Notice the drool running down your cheek... :)


Notice the whiteness on the bottom of your gums...you are a teething 4 month old! :(

Have a great day, everyone!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

One Year Ago Today...

We found out we were having a baby! Surprise. Excitement. Terror. Can't believe it has been an entire year since that wonderful day. Take a walk down memory lane with me!

"Am I reading this thing right?! Wait...oh my gosh...Jooohhhnnnn!!!!!" 
(Is it weird that I'm showing you this? Sorry...)

36 Weeks (and SOOO ready to meet that baby - remember we didn't know the gender!)
Thanksgiving 2011 - three-ish weeks away! (Again...feeling enormous.)
SMILE! (Ugh...or trying between contractions...)

AND THEN...41 hours later...

SO proud!
So...tell me how we went from this tiny little creature...
(Our little glowworm wrapped in her Jaundice Treatment UV Blanket)...
...to this porky little munchkin?!

We just LOVE her!

Happy 4 months, Lucie! Happy oh-my-goodness-we-survived, John!
What a difference a year makes, huh?

Praising our amazing God today! 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lucie's Homemade Crib Mobile

Ah...the great pains we will endure to entertain our children. After a thousand paper cuts and a few nasty hot-glue gun burns, I have finally finished Lucie's crib mobile! Amen!

 To construct her mobile I used:

  • A cool, old stick that I found (free)
  • The fabric from our old shower curtain (free...and is that gross?)
  • Pages from a poetry textbook I found at Goodwill ($2.00)
  • A roll and a half of gardening twine from Ace hardware ($2.49 per roll)
  • About 20 small hot glue sticks ($1.00-$2.00)
  • A small hot glue gun ($5.99 on sale at Michaels - got it a long time ago)
  • Two wreath forms from Michaels - $4.99 each
So basically, I made this mobile for under $25! And while it was relatively cheap to make ("AMEN!," says John), it was a long labor of love. Patience is not one of my strong suits...and this thing took time and patience!

Each flower petal had to be individually folded before being glued into the flower shape. There are 47 flowers...so that means 235 flower petals! Yikes!

Lucie wanted to be in a picture! AND, she actually likes the mobile! THANK GOODNESS.

Just had to include this adorable photo of my two best critics during this mobile-making process! I love them! :)

As I said, this mobile tested my patience (and I might have accidentally burned off portions of my fingerprints...), but I'm very happy with the end result! Hope you like it too! Happy Sunday!