Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Water Baby

After the success of our Sea World adventure, John and I decided we needed to get the babe to another splash pad ASAP. We found one semi-nearby in Chino Hills (our resident Glendora splash pad was turned off for the day), so we made our way there. Then, we let her go to town. 

This splash pad was a bit more intense than Sea World's, 
so she was a little apprehensive at first...but Daddy helped with that!

John sacrificed his dry clothing to help her into the water...what a guy! 

Studying the other kids...learning proper splash pad technique...

If it isn't are new to this kid. She doesn't know what to do when she has them on. She just stands there awkwardly frozen...completely unsure of what her next move should be. 

"Hey, that's a cute baby! What's his name? Why can't he walk by himself?" 
Kids are so wonderfully uninhibited. Also, she thought Lulu was a boy...haha...not sure why the bathing suit and flowered sandals weren't a give away??

Enough standing around. Time to make a run for it!

Once she figured out how to move with her shoes on...she LOVED it. Running through this imaginary water-logged mine field became her favorite activity for the rest of our time there. She and John ran through (while I sat comfortably with my feet up and watched)...


...and over...

...and over again! Fun!

I leave you with this final photo and thought: I love baby cankles.

The end.

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