Monday, October 1, 2012

Beach Day

Well, it continues to be a thousand degrees here in Southern California. I don't think I'd mind the heat so much if we lived near the beach...but man. If you drive 20 minutes inland from the coast - ridiculously hot with little relief! So after church yesterday, we packed our little babe into the car and set our sights towards the sea!

BUT first...a quick detour to the Irvine Great Park. No offense to Irvine - but the Great Park wasn't that great. I think that the "Great Park" name conjured up images of giant trees, lots of cool shade, fantastic play areas, splash pads, duck ponds, petting zoos, etc. etc. Basically, we got our hopes up (and probably didn't do enough pre-trip research). In its defense, there were "coming in 2013" signs everywhere for different features of the park - but not much was available to us yesterday. 

We planned to high-tail it to the ocean but decided we should take advantage of one of the free park features before we left: the merry-go-round! So, we got in line. Well, John and Lucie did. I did not. Want to know why? Because merry-go-rounds make me want to hurl. Even watching them go round and round makes me motion sick. So, John will now and forever be the designated parent companion on any and all amusement park rides that make me want to lose my lunch. 

As I said, John and Lucie got in line...only to be rejected at the front for not having a hand stamp. So we went to the visitor's center for the stamp that you can only receive after signing a waiver allowing them to use photos of you and your family in their Great Park advertising ventures. I thought this was weird...but whatever. It was free. So, keep an eye out for John and Lucie's photo on the Great Park website! Because, look at how much fun she's having!!!! Or...wait...nevermind...

In a word: unimpressed. 

This was the largest smile (or smirk) she cracked the entire time. I think she was confused and hot (it was almost 100 degrees!) and annoyed that she had to be strapped in and that John wouldn't allow her to taste the brass pole in front of her. All in all...maybe a little too young to enjoy the merry-go-round. Haha oh well. We'll try again in 2013. :)

SO...we quickly enacted Plan B: Laguna Beach. 

Hello, lover. 

"Who needs a merry-go-round?! THIS. IS. AWESOME!!!!!"


Attempting to run into the ocean!

I love them.


Attempting to run into the ocean...again. We'll be watching this one like hawks when she can walk on her own!

"Pointing" is her new thing. Not so much pointing at things...but just pointing in general. I think that she thinks it helps her balance while toddling around. :)

Blurry photo...but love this face! 

"Why'd you have to put this hat on me, mother?"

And now for the family photos:

Thank you Lord for two of your most wonderful gifts: family and the ocean!

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