Monday, October 22, 2012


Hello friends & family!

SO...the past week of our life has been consumed by croup. Yes, Babycakes caught that nasty, horrific bark-sounding cough that keeps sad babies and worried parents up at night. We went to the doctor last week and even though she was sick, Lucie seemed to love every second of being in the office. Fancy gown. Mirrored wall. People outside to wave at. Lots of things to play with! Anyway...very thankfully, she is on the mend and things seem to slowly be getting back to normal around here. 

Banging on the window at passers by. Lots of people waved to was pretty entertaining! 

So, after quarantining the poor kid for the week, John and I decided to let her experience some freedom and fresh air over the weekend. We went to a nearby park. And, well...

...I think she enjoyed herself!



Can't get over how much she does NOT look like a baby anymore...

Hahahahaha this face!!!

Learning how to walk in her new shoes (like a drunken sailor!)!

You'd think she'd never seen grass before!

She wasn't too sure about it that day...

We had a great time and we have been THOROUGHLY enjoying the cooler temperatures. It has given us a chance to break out some of her winter clothes. Let me tell you...the hand-me-down hooded vest below is quickly becoming my new favorite!

It makes for great "lounging around on a cloudy day" wear!

In case you're wondering what she is staring so intently at: Disney's "Enchanted." 
She L-O-V-E-S it. 

Happy, almost healthy girl!

Oh my.


Happy Fall!

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